Do you suspect your FILIPINO PARTNER, your FILIPINA GIRL-FRIEND, your FILIPINO BOY-FRIEND, your FILIPINO FIANCE, your FILIPINO CHAT MATE of being unfaithful. INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES is your private investigation service in the PHILIPPINES.

As in any culture there can be people that are dishonest for many different reasons. Many Filipinos just want to leave the country because of unemployment & poverty and the dream of being rich. The employed Filipino on a good wage would be getting $250 a month, a doctor getting $300-$400. They are a caring culture, a happy culture and are very possessive  of their family. Some will do whatever they can to make this happen. Many people don’t quite know exactly where The Philippines is but is you check with WIKIPEDIA   it is a good starting point. LONELY PLANET  also gives you some helpful information about the Philippines. There are places where you should be careful when you travel and if you are a Anglo Saxon you should be very aware and travel with locals. The Philippines is a place where fraud  and corruption is fife and rates very high on the world crime list and care should be taken when dealing with the people of that country. Although fraud is rampant amongst its citizens there are many opportunities to find a friend and partner or a business enterprise.

Without a doubt the Philippines is one place you should visit.


INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES specialize in catching SCAMMERS, CHEATERS, and LIARS. We don’t like them either.

If you received some documents (diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree CV, etc) and you want them verified, INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES can investigate and certify the original documents.

Let INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES check this out for you, a small price to pay for peace of mind and it could save you many thousands of dollars, pounds or Euros.

The wrong FILIPINO partner can cost you lots of money and heart ache.

The wrong FILIPINO  partner can mean different things to different people but if you suspect a cheating “would be lover”, friend or spouse, early in the relationship, before you make that major commitment, you can save yourself lots of stress, and loss of money

If you suspect something is not quite right, check your feelings out first, contact us now. Remember FILIPINOS and many other Asians are different to Anglo Saxons. Different is not bad, different is what makes them so special.

Dealing with people in another country, another culture, can be, and often is daunting.

Lets us check your thoughts, your “gut” feelings out first, to give you peace of mind. We all need love and comfort in our life and most Filipinos are wonderful people and can provide exactly what you are looking for. Desperate people do desperate things. Many Filipinos are not able to live a life where they have 3 good meals a day, a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in and nice clothes to wear and dream of other things we as westerners take for granted.

Most westerners are considered a lucky bunch, and most Filipinos are well educated, most speak reasonable English and dream to have a life where they can give you the love you desire. They are a loving bunch of people but there are a few out there that will cheat and lie and do anything they can to get out of their homeland and enjoy a life they never believed possible.

My Agents are discreet and faithful, and they get answers quickly, the truth only, we are not interested anything else. The truth will be communicated directly to you and as quickly as possible.


Hiring an investigator is a big decision for most people. You need to feel comfortable with the firm you have chosen, and the level of service they provide. We will not promise anything we cannot deliver and will advise you upfront, no surprises. Gee I hate surprises and we have many.

My agents are trained and experienced both locally and expat private detectives, well versed in locals customs, culture and society. I can resolve most problems in the Philippines. If you need to know the truth about someone in the Philippines let INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES help.

As a result of INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES experience, know-how, tracing techniques and expertise over years in the Filipino territory, INVESTIGATION PHILIPPINES obtains results that enable our clients to prevail in difficult and or litigious situations.

Again be careful with whom you are talking or chatting with.

We are here on the ground across the Philippines and we can help you.





The cost our services depends on what you want, how long is a piece of string?  I would be happy to discuss your needs but you would get a lot starting out at $300.

You will deal with one person and nobody but that person will have your email address and personal particulars. It will not be used by anyone else other than the person whom you see here in AUSTRALIA and will be removed from my data base upon completion of the contract.

John Wright

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